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Execute CSR Tree Plantation Projects in Pune with Nelda

More and more Indian companies are now helping the community and the environment. And since the Companies Act 2013 has put Corporate Social Responsibility in the forefront, with a ‘comply or explain’ mandate, companies with more than 5 crores INR as net profit for a year are now participating in the CSR activities. This mandate is now becoming not just helpful to nature and the environment but to employees as human beings. However, not all NGOs can help your company achieve your goals. Nelda Foundation helps companies and organizations get the full out of their CSR funds. Since a number of reasons like lack of initiative, less understanding of the scenario, no network, etc. can hold you back, Nelda Foundation is here to help you with mobilizing your CSR funds.

Everyday in India, we’re seeing more and more trees being chopped down, and temperatures and pollution are rising quickly. Many if not most, are feeling the need for trees plantation in our country. Today, many people are getting involved in conversations about how important it is to adopt more sustainable business practices. These practices will help us reduce the carbon footprint we have been generating, and help more people understand the magnitude of environmental change.

How does CSR Projects Work with Nelda?

Start the Project

According to your compay’s CSR goals, you can donate a certain amount to Nelda. That amount is then distributed for various activities as per the agreement signed between us.

Plant Trees

After we receive the donation, we use it to buy saplings to be planted & following proper procedures that are necessary. The trees will be planted by the Nelda volunteers & if you wish, you can join for the same.

Nurture Them

Our job doesn’t end with only planting trees, we are committed to taking care of them until they become self sustainable. Volunteers of Nelda taken up the responsibility of taking care of the planted saplings throughout the year.

Spread Positivity

Planting trees is a selfless act & your CSR contribution towards the nature will inspire change &  spread a ray of hope & positivity. With your permission, we’ll promote your contribution on our social media and network.

A Few Happy Companies that Joined Hands

zCon Solutions

Cognizant Team

Fleetguard Team

Walter Tools

PubMatic Team

Symbiosis School of Economics

Uno Clinic

YUJ Designs

Wunsche (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Purple Zone



Our mission is to make the world greener than how we found it.

Nelda's vision is to help people plant and grow a billion trees in India by 2041.

Help Nelda Plant More Trees:

Why is tree plantation a great choice for CSR?

CSR is the way for corporates to try to give back to society. Companies can make concerted efforts to operate in a way that enhances rather than degrade society and the environment. CSR serves two major purpose for the companies – first is giving back to the society & then creating a positive brand image.

Tree plantation is considered a selfless act that portrays a message that not only we are just giving back to society, but doing something for the earth & our future generations. This activity of CSR tree plantation creates an exceptional image of the brand that has taken this initiative & positively affects the company’s goodwill. With a CSR tree plantation project, your brand can be promoted in a unique way. Also there are less complications with tree plantation as it is a traightforward activity & not a task for your employees to actively execute.

Any company who wishes to donate trees or contribute back to society can get in touch with Nelda, where Nelda will guide you for the tree plantation. Through your corporate social responsibility activity with Nelda, it won’t be that hard a task to execute the project. Nelda will be your constant companion in the journey of tree plantation.

Why is Nelda a good fit for your Corporate Social Responsibility project?

Nelda has been committed to planting trees since 2016, & has never lacked efforts to continue what we started. We are a registered section 8 company and our financial are audited every year by a Chartered Accountant & are available to view if requested. We are also proudly backed & managed by a profitable company, the Deshpee Group. Also we have all the required permissions for planting trees & other activities from the concerned government departments. 

Taking initiative about planting trees is not enough, you need to have detailed information about the plants and the planting process. And for this reason, having the right partner is very necessary. Nelda is a foundation that holds such knowledge with experience which makes us a an ideal choice for tree plantation drives. We aim to plant quality trees over quantity. 

Nelda also holds experience of working with multiple companies and helping them accomplish their CSR goals & can do the same for you.

A Partner You can Trust

Nelda is run by Vedarth Deshpande and his staff, who run Deshpee Group as well. When you work with Nelda, you work with a professional team who already understand what it is supposed to and not supposed to do.

100% Transparency

Since the day you start talking to Nelda, you’ll realize that we have 100% transparency in whatever we do. Even if you decide to not have a project with us, you’ll always welcome to stay connected and volunteer with us anytime!


We’re  looking to build sustainable relationships with companies so we can continue to do projects together for years and years to come. To create sustainable change, you need an NGO that shares this value.

Where The Money Goes

This is how your online donation is used.
  • 60% Saplings purchase & delivery
  • 15% Manual labour
  • 20% Tools & events management
  • 5% Administrative expenses
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Trees planted & currently managed by Project Nelda

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Man hours contributed by Nelda Volunteers since 2016

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Total volunteers who've joined Nelda's activities

Why should companies contribute to CSR through tree plantation?

When you donate a tree through a corporate social responsibility initiative, you not only support Nelda’s tree plantation activities directly, you also give hope to our volunteers that are working so hard for the environment. Every sapling you plant with Nelda is a step closer to a greener environment. Rest assured that every sapling will be nurtured and taken care of by Nelda & its volunteers.

Virtue पुण्य is something, according to Indian culture, that we earn during our lifetime for a better afterlife. Nelda gives you a chance to earn that virtue itself from mother nature. It is common knowledge that plants are the key to keeping the air clean & healthy, yet minimal efforts are taken by many to enrich our earth with trees. Nelda helps your company contribute towards a healthier environment, to create a sustainable future for our coming generations.

Explore our Tree Plantation Site in Pune:

Reviews from Facebook and Google


I am volunteering with Nelda since last 6 months and its been a fulfilling journey. Nelda’s commitment towards protecting nature is commendable. Dreaming to plant billion trees till 2041, Nelda is moving towards it consistently. Kudos to Jeet and Shubham who are driving Nelda’s activities every weekend. I wish best luck to Nelda and thanks for making my weekends meaningful.

Akash Jain

Planting trees is just a small step. Nurturing and conserving them is the difficult part – kudos to Nelda and its dedicated team Shubham, Jeet and others for sweating out each Sunday. Happy to play a small role in their venture this Sunday.

Vivek Dighe

It was a great experience to work with Nelda foundation. The social work they are doing is a great thought the youth should contribute in… I’d love to work as long as I can…

Dhanashri Dhane

It was a great experience watering and preserving the plants. Best wishes to nelda for 1 billion mission.

Siddhi Bengude

I have always appreciated those heroes of environmental protection and work for others.
So now #iamnelda✌️🌳🌲✌️

Pramod Waghule


Its was a nice experience and it’s very thankful to Nelda foundation they give the opportunity in the filed.

Nimesh Deo