10 Big Benefits of Planting Trees

You wouldn’t have been reading this article if there were no trees. They are the main reason why we are alive on this planet. Trees are the lungs of our mother Earth.

It was taught to us from our childhood that we shouldn’t cut trees as it provides us with oxygen. Then why are we doing so?

Without trees, no living thing can survive as it produces oxygen which is the main element that keeps us alive. Without oxygen, we will die within a few minutes.

Trees are our lifeline.

Whenever we think of travelling, we imagine a place with lush green trees, mountains or beaches surrounded by palm trees. There is not even a single demerit of planting trees.

The more trees we have, the more fresh air we breathe and the more fresh air we breathe, the more healthy we get. Let’s talk a look at the 10 big benefits of planting trees.

1. Trees Absorb Harmful Gases

With the rapid growth of industries, the air is getting polluted every day. These industries produce greenhouse gases that are building up in the atmosphere. The biggest pollutant is carbon dioxide (CO2).

These harmful gases can be controlled by planting trees as trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This is one of the main reasons why we need to plant more and more trees.

If we fail to do so, our entire planet will start to die. We won’t be able to step out of the house without wearing a gas mask. We don’t want that, right?

2. Economic Benefits

Fruits are being harvested in orchards and forests that provide income to thousands of people all over the world. Trees provide woods that are used for fuel or crafts.

Everything that we get from trees like foods, woods, shelter are totally free but that doesn’t mean that we should take it for granted. We should give something back to our mother nature which we can do by planting trees.

3. Natural Water Filtration

Trees act as a natural filtering system as the branches of the trees are rich in xylem tissue. The xylem tissue traps all the harmful bacteria providing us with clean fresh water.

According to water.org, more than 844 million people lack access to safe water. Just think how much planting trees can help us to provide fresh water.

4. Conserve Energy

Do you know how did our ancestors survived the harsh summer without having ACs and coolers? Because of trees! Yes, you heard me right.

Trees act as a natural air conditioner as they have a process called evapotranspiration in which evaporation and transpiration are merged. They absorb the energy of the Sun and provide us with cool, moist air.

5. Combat Climate Change

Climate change is a very serious issue as it can have a huge impact on mankind. Excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is resulting in global warming. The pattern of climate is changing rapidly due to it. Powerful storms are hitting us more frequently.

The only way to stop global warming is by reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the air and the only way to do this is by planting trees.

6. Increases Value of the Property

Recent studies have shown that homes in neighbourhoods having more trees sell at a much higher price than those which have less or none. The reason is that trees provide fresh oxygen which helps people stay healthy both mentally physically. It also reduces the temperature of the whole area. So you feel more energetic and fresh every time you enter the place having more trees.

7. Flood Control

Flood damages thousands of properties every year. More severe storms are hitting the cities mainly due to global warming. Studies have shown that planting trees around the rivers could reduce the level of the flood by 20%.

8. Support Wildlife

You wake up every morning listening to the birds chirping. Trees are homes to those birds. Trees provide shelter and food to birds, insects, and animals. Without trees, no wildlife could exist.

9. Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil is very precious to us. A farmer grows crops on the soil which provides food to us. Without food, no one can survive.

Jhum cultivation is performed by many farmers to grow foods which can result is soil erosions. Trees help prevent soil erosion by holding the soil in place.

10. Reduces Violence

Recent studies have shown that neighbourhoods having green spaces have significantly fewer crimes than barren neighbourhoods. This is because greener spaces reduce stress and people spend more time outdoors.


Planting trees can be very beneficial to the community and to the whole of mankind. Trees provide us with food, oxygen, fresh water, fuel, shelter, everything that we need to keep us alive.

Planting trees has no cost. You won’t be charged any money to plant a tree! So why not start doing it?

Now that you know all the benefits of planting trees and how all living creatures are dependent on them, get some time to start planting trees and give back to our mother nature!

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