100 Slogans for Tree Plantation Events and Save Trees Initiatives

Vegetation and green cover are crucial to our eco-system and critical natural resources, seeing as how they produce oxygen, which is essential for the existence and survival of nearly every species on this planet. So, by causing or playing a role in deforestation, we are not only endangering our lives, we are also putting the entire planet at risk.

We know how important trees are to our existence and for the well-being of the planet at large, which is why we have put together a number of slogans to promote afforestation and discourage deforestation and spread awareness among the people about the same.

Another thing, one must keep in mind is the fact that trees not only provide oxygen, which is a basic requirement for life, but also play an immensely significant role in maintaining a balance in the eco-system and keeping the environment clean and healthy. In fact, ecological disruptions or imbalances can lead to droughts, flooding and numerous other calamities and natural disasters that can cause immense harm and destruction to life and property alike, which is why it is imperative that we save trees and conserve them, so as to be able to maintain a balance in the ecosystem and ensure overall health and harmony. To make that happen, we must plant more and more trees to neutralise the damage already done and to save ourselves from the destruction of this planet as well as all forms of life on it.

Given below is a list of slogans to help spread awareness about the importance of growing trees and saving them. You can use them in your tree plantation events. We have divided the 100 slogans into two parts: 1-50 are slogans for adults and 50-100 are slogans for kids.

Slogans for Adults

These slogans have more impact make clear the gravity of the situation.

1. “If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save a life.
If you plant a tree, you plant a life.”

– Trees make the environment cleaner and provide us with oxygen. They’re essential for life to flourish.

2. “Plant a tree, so that the next generation can get air for free.”

– More trees would mean that fewer people would have to spend money on oxygen.

3. “Don’t make trees rare, keep them with care.”

– It’s imperative that we conserve trees so that our lives aren’t adversely affected.

4. “Take care of the trees, they will take care of you.”

– Nature is all about give and take, and we reap what we sow.

5. “Trees on, global warming gone.”

– Planting trees would help reduce the impact of global warming.

6. Save trees, live an active lifestyle.”

– Saving trees would lead to a greener and healthier environment and in turn, lead to us being healthier and more active.

7. “Save trees, save life.”

– Saving trees would lessen the impact of climate change and ultimately, help save lives.

8. “Save trees, save nature.”

– Refraining from cutting trees and not contributing to deforestation will help save Mother Nature.

9. “Plant a tree today; it will help us breathe tomorrow.”

– Trees provide us with oxygen and fresh air and planting them will ensure we have fresh air to breathe in the future.

10. “Plant more trees; make the environment pollution free.”

– Trees help reduce the effects of pollution, which is why we should all plant more trees.

11. “Trees are the lungs of the world.”

– Don’t cut trees. They provide us with oxygen and clean air and help us breathe.

12. “By killing trees, we are killing ourselves too.”

– Trees provide us with clean air and cutting them would destroy our lives as well.

13. “Save trees and do not let them become a thing of the past, or their leaves will only be seen in museums.”

– We can’t afford excessive deforestation as we need to conserve them and be responsible for the sake of the future generations.

14. “If the present generation cuts down trees, their children will have to pay the fees.”

– It is crucial that we treat the environment with care and responsibility for the sake of our children.

15. “Trees are green gold.”

– Trees are a precious natural resource, and we must value them and treat them with care.

16. “One tree can make a million matches; one match can destroy a million trees.”

– We take and we take from nature only to go ahead and destroy her with everything she gives us.

17. “Don’t spoil the scenery by destroying the greenery. Save Mother Earth.”

– Nature is beautiful. Let’s not destroy it.

18. “Save trees now, they will save you in the future.”

– Saving trees today will make for a better life later in the future.

19. “Save trees, save the homes of animals.”

– Trees are home to countless animals and by destroying them we’re also destroying the lives of countless innocent creatures.

20. “Save trees; eliminate global warming.”

– Trees are the best way to combat global warming and climate change.

21. “Save trees, decorate nature with green.”

– Trees are nature’s jewels and one of her greatest beauties; we must save them.

22. “Save trees, reduce green house effect.”

– Saving trees can help reduce the impact of climate change and the green house effect.

23. “Save trees to combat climate change.”

– Trees are our best bet to neutralise the effects of global warming.

24. “Save trees to regularize seasonal changes.”

– Conserving trees and vegetation would help maintain the ecological balance and reduce instances of irregular seasonal changes.

25. “Save trees to enhance the economy.”

– Trees offer not just oxygen but also timber, fruits etc., and are therefore, crucial to the economy.

26. “Tired of fake people? Get some natural friends- Save a tree today.”

– Plant a tree and befriend nature. You can’t get any more natural than that.

27. “Save trees, save the earth; we are the guardians of nature’s gifts.”

– Nature has blessed us with so much and it is our duty to save and protect her in return.

28. “Trees are living beings; love them and care for them.”

– Trees are living things just like us and we must treat them with the care they deserve.

29. “Trees bring greenery and greenery brings happiness.”

– Everything is better when it is greener.

30.  “Don’t just think green, live green.”

– Actions speak louder than words. We must transform our thoughts into actions.

31. “Cut the greed, not the green.”

– It’s human greed that needs to go, not greenery.

32. “Buildings, buildings everywhere and no fresh air to breathe.”

– We’re cutting trees to make space for more building but at what cost? The cost of our lives? There’s no room to breathe.

33. “Save trees and reduce your carbon footprint.”

– Planting more trees will help minimize our collective carbon footprints.

34. “Save trees to regulate environmental temperature.”

– Saving trees will help combat the adverse effects of climate change.

35. “Don’t cut trees, for they are our best friends and their love for us is unconditional. They give and they ask for nothing in return.”

– Love is all about giving and taking. For everything that nature bestows upon us, it is our moral duty to care for and protect her and love her the same way.

36. “Plant trees to bring the rains and get rid of the summer’s heat.”

– Trees help reduce and moderate the temperature and climate, which is why it is so important that we have more of them.

37. “Plant a tree, grow a flower – let’s give Mother Earth to give them back her power.”

– We need to give to receive.

38. “There is enough on the earth for the human’s need but not for the human’s greed.”

– Nature has enough for everyone but she can’t fulfil all our greedy desires.

39. “Trees are the roots of all living.”

– Trees give life. They are life itself and we can’t live without them.

40. “What do the forests bear? Soil, water and pure air.”

– Forests have everything we need: soil, water, air, trees. This is why we must take care of them and not destroy them recklessly.

41. “Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.”

– Prevention is better than cure. Planting trees would ensure clean and fresh air and would take away the need to wear masks to protect ourselves against pollution, altogether.

42. “Plant a tree and plant a hope for the future.”

Planting trees will make sure that our children have a better future.

43. “Save the trees, breathe easier.”

– Trees give us clean air and saving them would literally help us breathe easier.

44. Go for afforestation.”

– Opt for afforestation, not deforestation

45. Plant a tree, make our earth risk free.”

– Plant trees to make our earth healthier and immune to harm of any kind.

46. Want to live longer? Plant trees.”

– Trees make the environment clean and healthy and as a result prolong all of our lives.

47. Save our earth for the next generation.”

– We need to be responsible global citizens and take care of our earth to make sure that our children inherit a better and brighter future.

48. Mother earth is in danger! Go green.

–  Be environmentally responsible to save the earth.

49. Save earth. Save trees.”

– Trees are of the earth; save the trees and the earth is safe as well.

50. Protect greenery. Protect nature.”

– Save nature by saving trees.

Slogans for Kids

These slogans are simple yet meaningful.

51. Nature is beautiful. Save it.”

– Nature is too precious to be lost due to human folly. It is our duty to protect it.

52. Nature is a divine gift. Protect it.”

– Nature is a gift from the high heavens that has been bestowed on us. We must take care of it.

53. Trees are the ornaments of the earth. Save them.”

– Trees adorn the earth and add to its beauty. We must not let that beauty die.

54. Go green and save trees.”

– Save trees by adopting a greener approach and lifestyle.

55. Protect mother nature. She will protect you too.”

– You take care of Mother Nature and she will take care of you.

56. Nature is divine, also it can be furious. So, save it.”

– Mother Nature is as cruel as she can be kind. We must not take her blessings for granted and we must take care of her in return for all that she does for us.

57. Be nice to the nature, it gives you shelter.”

– We must be kind to nature as it is our home.

58. Trees are the lungs of the earth. Protect it.”

– Trees help us breathe and so we can’t keep destroying them recklessly.

59. Protect green, protect yourself.

– Save yourself by saving nature.

60. Save green. Save your generation.”

– Going green is our only hope if we want to survive.

61. Plant trees. Go green.”

– Going green is the need of the hour, which is why we must plant more trees.

62. Add one tree to the nature. Add a saviour to your life.”

– Save a tree today and get a natural guardian for life.

63. “Trees are saviour of earth.”

– Trees guard the earth against the harmful effects of global warming.

64. “Trees help us breathe. Save them.”

– We must protect and conserve trees because they help us breathe.

65. “Trees cause us no harm. Save them.”

– Trees provide us with nothing but gifts. They deserve our protection.

66.  “Stop being so merciless to the trees.”

– We must not be cruel to trees when they provide us with so many gifts.

67.  “Trees are vital. Stop deforestation.”

– Trees are extremely important for our survival. We can’t cut them indiscriminately.

68. “Stop deforestation.”

Deforestation must be discouraged.

69. “Stop deforestation. Go for afforestation.”

– Deforestation is a strict no no. Afforestation is the way to go.

70.  “Afforestation can bring the land to life.”

– Planting trees can revitalize the earth.

71. “Plant tree. It is for free.”

– Plant a tree. It won’t cost you anything and is an investment that will reap huge returns.

72.  “Planting trees costs you no money.”

– Planting trees is wonderful act of giving back to nature, which is ultimately, the same as giving to yourself, and the best part is that it is free.

73.  “Feel free. Plant a new tree.”

– More trees would make for a happier and freer environment.

74. “Trees are important.”

– The significance of trees cannot be downplayed.

75. “Planting trees is a noble practice.”

– Planting new trees is an unselfish and generous act.

76. “Be humble. Trees have huge contribution.”

– We must not forget the important role that trees play in our lives and must treat them with care.

77. “Trees are the saviours. Save them, plant them, protect them.”

– Trees are our guardians and they care for and protect us. In return we must protect them and take care of them.

78.  “Plant trees, save your future.”

– Giving back to nature is our only hope for a happy future.

79. “Water plants, conserve trees.”

– We must look after trees and protect them.

80.  “Save the divine gift of Mother Nature.”

– Trees are nature’s gift to us and we must look after them.

81.  “Tree plantation is the best option.”

– In the face of global warming and climate change, planting trees is our best option.

82.  “Trees plantation is the best practice.”

– Nothing can beat the noble practice of planting trees and giving back to the environment.

83.  “Plant more trees, secure your future.”

– Trees are our only hope for a brighter future.

84.  “Trees are a gift from god. Protect them for life’s sake.”

– Trees are a divine blessing and we must protect them for the sake of life.

85. “Your future is at stake. Protect trees for god’s sake!”

– Our future is bleak and trees are our only hope.

86.  “Protect trees. Save earth. Save life.”

– We need to save trees in order to save the earth and life itself.

87.  “Let’s make this world better by planting more trees.”

– Trees are our only hope for  better tomorrow.

88.  “Trees are the heart of the nature. Save them.”

– Trees are life itself and are the beating heart of nature. The only way to save nature is by saving trees.

89.  “Make this world better and beautiful, with trees.”

– Trees are nature’s most precious gem. So, let us plant more of them.

90.  “Plant in plenty.”

The more the trees, the better our lives will be.

91.  “Each one, plant one.”

– Everyone must undertake to plant at least one tree. If every person in the world were to do it, the earth would be a greener and more beautiful place for it.

92.  “Trees are vital. Without them, earth would be fatal.”

– Trees are extremely important and a life without them would be life-threatening.

93.  “Don’t dig your own grave. Stop deforestation.”

– Killing trees is akin to killing yourself. It must stop.

94.  “A green planet is a lively planet.”

– A planet full of vegetation is a planet full of life.

95.  “Trees are important for our survival.”

– Trees are crucial to our existence and that of future generations.

96.  “A plant a day, keeps pollution away.”

– Planting one tree a day would help combat all the adverse effects of pollution.

97.  “Trees have life. We need them to survive. Save trees. Don’t destroy nature.”

– Trees are life itself and if they don’t live, we won’t either.

98.  “Get set ready, plant a tree.”

– The time for action is now. Plant a tree today!

99.  “Go green. Go healthy.”

– A green lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle.

100. “Build a pollution free environment, plant more trees.”

– The best way to combat the negative impact of pollution is by planting more trees.

Mother nature is as much a gift to us as she is our responsibility and as with all gifts, we must treat her with love and care. Her generosity knows no bounds; nor does her wrath, when she is slighted and mistreated. For everything that nature gives us, it is our duty to give back and offer protection.

We, at Nelda Foundation know that the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We’re all global citizens, and we can’t wash our hands off this duty. The earth has done so much for us, and even now continues to do so; it is time we gave back to nature and returned the favour. In the words of Gandhi- “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”

We are all equally responsible to the environment, and we can’t keep passing the blame on to the next person. The buck stops here. The earth is screaming for change, and we will be the ones to usher in that change. It is time for us to come together and join hands in this noble venture, and we at Nelda are here to help you bring about this change.

Do you or your organisation wish to contribute by carrying out tree plantations in and around Pune? We can help you with that. Just reach out to us at www.nelda.org.in or give us a ring on this number – 9823348087.

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