11 Advantages Of Having A Vertical Garden

Do you love gardening, but do not have enough space in your house to maintain a garden? Then a vertical garden may be the solution to your problem. Vertical gardening is not only a popular trend these days, but it also has aesthetic, physiological, economic and environmental benefits.

Here is a list of eleven advantages of growing a vertical garden!

1. A vertical garden saves your space.

Big outdoor spaces are now history or luxury! Most of us now have medium or tiny outdoor or flower bed spaces in our homes. But such small spaces can also be used for gardening, ahh no… vertical gardening! It uses a meager space for planting, and you can have piles of plant arranged vertically one by one or hanging some of them in pretty hanging pots. You only need to make sure that the plants get adequate sunlight.

2. A vertical garden helps you to plant a variety of plants. 

In a vertical garden, you can try and experiment by planting and growing different types of plants like decorative and vegetable plants row by row to enhance the aesthetics of the garden. Also, a vertical garden is much more comfortable to maintain.

3. Vertical gardening is safe. 

The plants are located off the ground, and this minimises the risk of having a pest in the garden. Also, it protects the plants from getting damaged due to any other reasons like pets.

4. A vertical garden is a protective shield.

Plants absorb pollutants and other harmful compounds, so a vertical garden works as a protective shield and gives you a pure environment to breathe in.

5. Vertical gardens insulate your building:

Your vertical garden does not only absorb the air pollutants but also absorbs the excess heat, noise, harsh weather and harmful UV rays. Additionally, it regulates the temperature through transpiration and cools your home.

6. Vertical gardens give you privacy.

You can grow your vertical garden outside the windows to keep it hidden from outsiders. This will also give you some more shade from the sunlight and privacy from the crowds.

7. Vertical gardens help to reuse the waste. 

This type of garden can be easily made by using recycled materials like plastic bottles, old shoe organisers, broken ladder, basket, shoe, and much more. This is why it is best to reuse the options you have.

8. A vertical garden helps to grow more types of plants.

In fact, you can increase many different plants by adding the climbers like cucumbers, tomatoes, and melons on the downside of your garden and the small plant varieties at the top of it.

9. Vertical gardens will give you healthy vegetation.

In vertical gardening, you can get more exposure to sunlight and air circulation because it grows upwards, and this results in a healthy garden.

10. Vertical gardens are stress relievers.

According to many studies, plants are helpful in reducing the physical signs of stress and also promote greater psychological well-being of people.

11. Vertical gardens have an amazing environmental impact.

If utilised in a mass and correct manner, vertical gardens have a great potential of positively impacting the environment.

So, will be you be giving vertical gardening a try? Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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