5 Essential Ways Trees Help Our Planet

Trees are like the planet’s lungs. They’re taking in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen. In addition, they provide shelter for birds and other wildlife.

We also hear that trees are good for the environment and that deforestation, on the other hand, is bad for the planet. Most people, however, wonder if trees can help the environment. Here are just a few examples that trees are a ‘ green ‘ part of our world.

Here are few reasons to plant more trees.

1. Trees Provide Food

Trees provide food in the form of fruit, nuts, leaves, bark and roots. Dead trees, too, provide shelter and food for many insects. Papaya, mangoes, bananas, coconuts, cashews, apples and more have come from trees. Beyond these nutritious and delicious vegetables, some of our favourite spices come from different parts of trees, including cinnamon, all-spice, nutmeg and cloves.

2. Trees Clean Air

Trees help the planet and everything that exists on it by filtering the rain. Trees produce oxygen and clean carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Life could not proceed without trees. Trees use carbon to grow and release oxygen back into the air. Over time, trees absorb and hold carbon in their roots, holding it out of the atmosphere where it could potentially contribute to a rise in carbon dioxide levels. Trees has also been shown to remove airborne particles from the air and to reduce smog, thereby improving the air we breathe and therefore our respiratory health. Working trees to improve air quality is one of the most critical ways we can benefit from trees.

3. Trees Provide Ecosystem to Animals

Trees provide an ecosystem for plants, insects and other forms of life. Trees are an important part of a wide range of ecosystems. They’re not just part of the carbon cycle, they’re a home and a food source for many critters. In addition, many animals have the preferred type of tree they call home, which means that every tree is a life-saving opportunity for some species.

4. Trees Filter Water

Not only trees are the perfect for air filtering, they are also excellent water filterers. Trees absorb rainfall and prevent excess run-off. We that flood, which can lead pollutants and sediments to watersheds and oceans. As a result, trees are an important part of storm water management for many communities.  Forested areas naturally filter rainwater, clean the water as it flows through the soil and replenishes the water level.

Trees have proved to be a source of medicines, food, and resources, enhancing our world and living in immeasurable ways. We are constantly discovering new ways in which trees can benefit us. Work is uncovering diverse and beneficial ways in which trees can benefit our world and our lives. We don’t have a future without trees.

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