5 NGOs in India Making a Difference by Conducting Beach Clean-Up Drives

We are all aware of the havoc that is created by waste, especially single use plastic. Where once stood a beautiful and vast natural paradise now stands a heap of waste that has been discarded away by us without regard to the health of the environment. These heaps often include varied varieties of waste ranging from plastic bags, old clothes, etc. which have been hastily discarded by us and many times tourists who do not think before littering a place of interest.

Some of us, however, have decided to bring back the magnificent wonderland that lays below these heaps of garbage. Today various Non-Governmental Organisations are aiming towards uncovering these lost paradises by talking it upon them to clean the mess created by homo sapiens. These organisations have been driven purely due to the will of the ones forming it and their devotedness towards environment and earth as a common resource for all of us, earth that we must leave in a better place than what it is today for future generations. These NGOs carry out all the work including raising awareness, conducting clean up drives and ensuring that they include the locals in their endeavours.

So here comes your role! You can volunteer with such NGOs at no expense and contribute whatever you can towards this noble and essential cause. However, we at Nelda understand how with so many up and coming NGOs is it essential to distinguish the ones who are actually making working from the ones that aren’t.

Here, we have prepared a list for you to choose from and get volunteering as soon as you possibly can. Let’s dive in.

1. Shuddhi

This NGO has many distinct areas that it functions in. This organisation is a non-profit that works in education, wildlife, healthcare, environment, disaster relief, and water. They recently in collaboration with Barclays, conducted a cleanliness drive over the Yamuna River. They have also conducted many cleanliness drives along the beaches in Mumbai. Over 1043 cleanliness drives have been conducted by this wonderful organisation, they did this with over 217 volunteers and you can be one of them. Their aim is to create a cleaner, safer and better environment for the coming generations. There are varied projects and you can volunteer for the same by selecting them on their website.

Contact them at 022-71574415

2. Environmentalist Foundation of India

The Environmentalist Foundation of India or the EFI works as a non-profit organisation that focuses on wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. The main cities that they work in are Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi and Kolkata. They have also been involved in conduction a weekly late and pond clean up along with beach clean-up programs which have been degraded due to human-generated waste. The NGO also conducts activities such as Lake Safaris, ForesTree, etc that involve the locals in efforts to make sure that they ensure community collaborative conservation efforts.

Contact them at: 9940203871

3. Earthlings

The Earthlings recognize the need to promote greenery, and they achieve this by ensuring that they remodel the city for a good and healthy environment. This organisation makes the cities as well as the shores cleaner and greener. They came into formation in the year 2016, they have conducted several activities since then. These activities include beach cleaning, tree plantation, marathons, and awareness camps in the city of Hyderabad. They have cleared up to 15,000 KGs of garbage over time and have plans to remove even more over the coming years. They believe that nature is a common treasure to mankind, and we as humans must do everything that we can to replenish it.

Contact them at: 8977780989

4. Project Mumbai

This is a Mumbai-based NGO that identifies multifold challenges posed to the locals due to environmental degradation and works to solve them. They’ve had many-many famous initiatives which include the “Jalllosh-Clean Coasts” Campaign. During this initiative, they cleaned nine beach fronts, two rivers, and two mangrove forests. They collected over 16,000 Kgs of waste from these locations. The best part of this organisation is that they involve the community and people can volunteer with them to invest their time effectively saving the environment that they’ve been using. Additionally, if you can’t spare the time to volunteer with them you can also do your bit by donating to them.

Contact them at: 9653330712

5. Aahwahan

The Aahawan foundation works as a non-governmental organisation aiming to preserve beaches. They consist of a group of volunteer’s ad coastal management experts who work day and night to ensure that the beaches are free from plastic and other garbage. They have cleaned many beaches including, Karvar & Murudeshwar Gokarna, Ganpatipule, Palolem Baga, Anjuna, and Guhagar. This organisation also uses recent up to date technology such as beach cleaning machines, waste disposal bags, using rubber gloves, cameras, sand sifting machines along with protective gear for volunteers including gloves, insect repellents, and hats. If you wish to take ownership of your cities’ beaches and make them the as beautiful as they were before we ruined them contact Aahwahan now. You can join hands with them if you wish to make a change in the environment around you.

Contact them at: 7795065657

We at Nelda Foundation recognise that each one of us has a responsibility towards the environment and must dispense it as our primordial duty.

You should never think that you can talk yourself out of it. As mother nature’s children, we are required to make sure that we take care of her and we at Nelda will help you attain that.

If you or a corporate house you know wishes to carry out tree plantations around Pune be sure to give us a call on 9823348087.

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  1. i am very happy to know about the work you ll are doing making our environment green aand pollution free.
    i am aadil ganie from pondicherry university
    i need the data regarding cleanliness drives of the beaches
    we are working on the models for beach litterings
    it will the highly appreciated if you share the data with us

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