5 Notable Tree Plantation NGOs in India

The growing need for environmental conservation has grabbed a lot of attention in the past few years. And thanks to the non-profit organisations in India, a lot of progress has indeed been made.

Though we can’t mention all of them, here are five notable organisations which are trying to build environmental awareness across India and making a difference through tree plantations.

1. Green Yatra

This organisation organises tree plantation activities and inculcates the sense of responsibility among the young students across Maharashtra. The name of this program is ‘Go Green Kids.’ They provide free saplings in schools and let the students plant and take care of those saplings. Also, they regularly check up to see how the trees are and surprisingly have a 95 percent survival rate so far. Taking it ahead, they are now planning to expand their operations to schools across India.

2. Project Green Hands

This is a project by Isha Foundation, with the goal of increasing tree plantation in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Project Green Hands aims to plant and grow up to 141 million trees across Tamil Nadu. For this, they have developed a Green School Movement which is an initiative teaching the practical aspects of saplings. Project Green Hands provides students with about 2000 seeds, and the students cultivate the forests through their peer-to-peer education.

3. Sankalp Taru

Kickstarted in the year 2013, this is a  Clean and Green Schools program with a complete curriculum. It offers students the opportunities to not only plant trees, but also learn more about the environment. They feature workshops on kitchen gardens, photosynthesis, water harvesting systems and also screen popular films. Their goal is to equip the young minds with a proper outlook towards nature.

4. Say Trees

Say trees is an NGO based in Banglore and is formed by individuals who are committed to protecting the environment. Their volunteers are currently working on the project to bring saplings to schools outside Banglore. They have tied up with schools in Hosur and planted about 1,200 trees. Their plan is to expand and plant about 10,000 trees in the coming months.

SayTrees uses the method known as the Miyawaki technique for planting. With this method, plants grow faster. Moreover, this organisation only plants native saplings like peepal, banyan, and mango.

5. Siruthuli

Siruthuli focuses on including students in growing saplings across various campuses. They have recently planted over 40000 trees across the campus of Anna University as a part of their new initiative. Started in 2016, the Seed to Sapling initiative provides students with the soil, manure, and seeds to grow their own saplings.

Taking an inspiration from these NGOs, Nelda has also surged in this field of tree plantation.

Our goal is to help plant and grow a billion trees across India in the next 25 years. But obviously, we need helping hands! Explore more about Nelda on our website and consider being a volunteer!

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  1. i hv very good collection of plants in my balcony for that also neighbour
    s are objecting & i cant discard plenty of plants so seeking help to deal with negotiate them the importance of greenery

  2. Hi Nelda Team,

    There is one more organization that has started tree plantation, in fact, their parent company is truly focused on sustainability especially “Carbon Sustainability”. You can check them out at resetplanet.onlygood.world

    If you find them good, can you please add them to the above list.

    Thanks in advance 🙏🏻😊

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