6 Interesting Eco-Friendly Products Invented In India

The emergence of the industrial revolution in the 20th century led to the creation of efficient systems and improved access, but it also led humanity to inevitable compromises that haven’t turned out to be very good. Over-reliance on plastic, overuse of chemical fertilizers & dyes causing vast amounts of chemical waste, and overuse of thermacol based articles have brought us to a point where our environment is on the edge of irreversible damage.

Hence, steps are being taken worldwide to ensure manufacturing of some mindful and eco-friendly products which would fulfill customer needs and do no damage to the environment.

Indians used to utilise several eco-friendly products like the plates, bowls made from leaves, or clay utensils, etc. in the 20th century and especially in rural areas. However, with the growing urbanisation, India also had mostly drawn itself to the use of plastic products. However, now after realising the side-effects of plastic, Indians are slowly turning towards the use of eco-friendly products.

Here, we list down a few of the eco-friendly products brought forth by some innovative initiatives in India to safeguard the environment from devastation.

1. Eatable Cutlery

Eatable cutlery is an ingenious alternative to the plastic spoons and chopsticks in Indian restaurants and households. Bakeys is the name of this firm based in Hyderabad initiated by a senior engineer from the city. They make eatable cutlery made from wheat and a few other additives. One can eat the spoons and forks after meals rather than throwing them in the trash!

2. Soaps and Shampoos from Cow Dung

It may seem strange to hear, but there are some initiatives like Cowpathy which are manufacturing soaps and shampoos made from cow dung and urine. Going back to the traditional Indian texts, we get many pieces of evidence which state the medical properties of cow dung and urine. So these soaps and shampoos are natural and also have several benefits. One more advantage of these products is that they are affordable and suitable for everybody.

3. Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads

Non-degradable sanitary pads are a big concern for the environment. To find a solution to this problem, Ecofemme; an initiative taken in Tamil Nadu has introduced washable, eco-friendly sanitary pads. They are hygienic, affordable, and completely eco-friendly.

4. Chemical-Free Skin Care Products

Ayurveda has answers to the questions and alternatives for almost all the chemical based products. Taking inspiration from the ayurvedic secrets of being healthy, several brands have invented chemical-free skincare products from face washes & scrubs to night creams and bubble baths. ‘Khadi’ is one of such brand.

Today, Khadi is a big brand, and their products are stealing attention across the country. Although it is a bit high on cost, still many customers tend to opt for these chemical free products.

5. Korra Jeans

Korra Jeans are made from recycled fabric and focus on environmental sustainability. An ex-Levis Strauss employee has come forward with this idea and they make custom fit jeans which are comfortable, classy and made from 100% natural fabrics.

6. Eco-Friendly Holi Colours

Holi festival is a festival of colours celebrated widely in India. The chemical content in the colours is dangerous for skin and for the environment. Many firms across the country came up with the concept of eco-friendly Holi colours. These colours have natural ingredients like beetroot, indigo powder, natural kumkum, turmeric, rice powder and many more. These colours do not harm the skin, eyes of people or of the animals and plants.

Through such fantastic eco-friendly products, Indians are taking a step towards safeguarding the environment and creating a sustainable outlook towards livelihood.

We at Nelda are a group of enthusiastic volunteers in Pune who are dedicated to planting and maintaining trees for contributing to environmental conservation. If you would like to know more about us, do explore our website and see how you can contribute to our efforts!

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