7 Endangered Trees Species In India Which May Soon Go Extinct

Did you know that there are some species of trees in India which are so rare that there are claims of having only a couple of them existing? There are strange insect-eating flowers which simply smell like meat- India has a variety of such species which are incredible but also endangered.

We live in a time which according to some experts is the ‘last great land grab’. Some also predict that in order to sustain the rapidly growing population in cities and towns in the coming years, millions of acres of forest will need to be converted for other uses.

Unless we come up with smarter solutions for development which goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability, our future is hard. With global warming on the rise, we need to realise that forests are as important to us as fuel!

Having this on the background let us take a look at these endangered trees and rare flowers in India which are alarming us that this is a high time we start thinking about preserving our green, leafy buddies.

1. Assam Catkin Yew (Amentotaxus assamica)- Arunachal Pradesh

These are coniferous trees which are found only in the Delei Valley and Turoo Hills of Arunachal Pradesh. There have been records of low rates of reproduction from this trees and thus are an endangered the plant species in India.

2. Ilex Khasiana- Shillong Meghalaya

Found in the upper hills of Shillong, Meghalaya, these are very rare and endangered. They are characterised by little bright red fruits and long leaves.

3. Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus Santalinus)- Eastern Ghats

This is a very rare form of sandalwood found in southeastern India. The red sandalwood is very well-known for its medicinal properties. It is especially useful for treating skin problems and giving a natural sheen, glow, and fairness to the skin. Also, acne, open pores, sun-tan and uneven skin tone can be treated with red sandalwood. Its cooling properties are used to treat skin inflammation.

4. Ebony (Diospyros Celibica)- Karnataka

Well-known for its dark, durable and high-quality wood, ebony is a much popular tree found in Karnataka, India. It is highly sought-after for furniture and woodwork. However, due to the indiscriminate cutting and deforestation in the region, the density of these trees has remarkably depleted. Also, as the ebony wood is popular in furniture, the high demand for its wood has also led to the depletion of its quality.

5. Musli (Chlorophytum Tuberosum)- Tamil Nadu

Musli is a flowering plant found merely in the interiors of Africa and South India. It is a well-known Ayurvedic medicine which gives vitality and strength. However, due to indiscriminate harvesting, there is a notable depletion in the quantity of this plants.

6. Actinodaphne Lawsoni- Kerala

This is a canopy or sub-canopy tree which is found in the in Kerala. It is popular for its medicinal properties and thus due to extensive harvesting, is endangered.

7. Malabar Mahagony (Kingiodendron Pinnatum)- Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

Another tree which is known for its wood; Malabar Mahogany is on its way of depletion. The durable wood is widely used in furniture and due to its wide demand, there has been a huge number of tree cutting.  Also, the destruction of habitat has led to low reproduction in these trees.

After looking at the list of endangered trees in India, one may easily know the necessity of tree plantation and preservation of trees which are of utmost importance. We need to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, eco-friendly products, and smart development which do not destruct the equilibrium of the environment.

Taking this as our mission, Nelda foundation is dedicated to planting and maintaining trees in Pune city and around. Come, volunteer with us and be a part of this mission!

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