CSR Tree Plantation Activities In Pune with Nelda

CSR Tree Plantation Activities In Pune with Nelda

Since 2016, Nelda has been devoted to creating a greener future. Slowly but surely, we have been focused on not just conducting active tree plantation drives but we have also been focused on maintaining them all year round.Apart from the young individuals who volunteer, and the people of India that have been supporting and cherishing the idea of Nelda since its inception, we have also had businesses and companies alike who have helped us get one step closer to making this world greener than it is now!The companies that have been a part of Nelda in the past years and those who are still with us, have always shared the same spirit of giving back to the community and that is what Nelda is proud to have them be a part of us.

The year 2020 was hard on all of us. Due to the pandemic, the whole world had come to a standstill. It was inarguably a difficult time for all of us. Nelda is thankful to the organisations that were of huge support in such challenging times. Here is a list of our CSR activities with the companies in the Pune in the past few years.

Fleet Guard

In 2019, our collaboration with Fleet Guard for a tree plantation drive was a huge success. Fleet Guard is a company based on providing world-class filtration solutions for both on and Off-highway applications.Fleet Guard, like Nelda, understands that in a world where pollution has reached high levels, it’s time for us to act upon it. Conducting tree plantation drives may seem a small step, but it is a step towards a bigger and better plan.

CSR Tree Plantation Activities In Pune with Nelda

This tree plantation drive was conducted on Hanuman Tekdi in Pune, Maharashtra where volunteers from Fleet Guard and Nelda planted many saplings. These saplings approximately range at a height of 5 ft so they are able to sustain and adapt to the environment much faster than the smaller saplings.

zCon Solutions

In the same year, zCon Solutions, a software development and maintenance company joined hands with Nelda in conducting a tree plantation drive in and around Pune city. To say that it was well organised would be an understatement.With the help of the energetic volunteers from zCon Solutions and the volunteers from Nelda, we were able to plant tens of samplings. We are utterly thankful to the zCon Solutions team for showing so much interest in what Nelda stands for!

CSR Tree Plantation Activities In Pune with Nelda

Nelda had an overwhelming response with over 20 plus volunteers that came for the drive from zCon Solutions along with our ever-so dynamic Nelda volunteers planting samplings over Hanuman Tekdi in Pune, Maharashtra.


CrowdStrike was yet another company that contributed with Nelda in conducting a tree plantation drive. Although the company is US-based, it’s Indian based volunteers actively took part in the company’s initiative.

CSR Tree Plantation Activities In Pune with Nelda

With the help of 30 CrowdStrike volunteers and Nelda volunteers, we were able to plant many saplings!In 2020, before the lockdown, when the situation was better, we were humbled to have another company join us for a tree plantation drive.

Ocean Network Express

Ocean Network Express is the 6th largest container carrier company, with 200 ports plus around the globe. Ocean Network Express volunteers along with Nelda’s planted tens of trees and helped in maintaining them as well.

CSR Tree Plantation Activities In Pune with Nelda

Apart from organisations and businesses that joined hands with Nelda to conduct various tree plantation drives in and around Pune, we have had a number of individuals who have helped us grow, metaphorically and literally.

Nelda has been conducting tree plantation drives for the past 5 years. We have good experience in planting and maintaining them. So if you are looking to contribute to the community, Nelda can help you realise the spirit of giving back.To be a part of Nelda, you don’t necessarily have to be based in Pune or in Maharastra. You can always contribute virtually and our might volunteers with Nelda will make sure to complete the plantation drive!Learn more about Nelda and how our contributions have created a greener environment. Visit our website: www.nelda.org.in or simply call us on +919823348087 to get started! #iamNelda


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