Ever Wanted To Plant Your Own Tree? Here’s How!

The idea of planting your own tree is one that’s appealing to many people, all over the world. Why? Because of what it symbolises!

Planting a tree is indicative of new life, encouraging a greener, happier Planet Earth, more attractive surroundings and positive energy. So, of course, you’d want those elements in your life!

It’s also something fun and meaningful that you can take on as a project, or share with your family and friends.

But where to begin? Here’s how to get started with planting your own tree.

1. Decide on a goal. What do you hope to accomplish?

Are you planning on planting a couple of trees for the sake of their appearance or are you hoping to encourage wildlife to visit your garden? Is it just for fun, or do you hope to make a difference to the environment? Knowing your goal will give you something to work towards.

2. Take your location into account.

Where you live, and your local climate will determine which types of trees you’ll be able to grow successfully. Pick one that’s appropriate to ensure success!

3. Assess your land.

You’ll need to examine the terrain you intend to plant on. If it’s sloped, prone to erosion or frequently stepped on, for example, you may be better off planting elsewhere.

Your tree should be safe from being disturbed, have room to grow and fit in well with its surroundings.

4. Check your local laws.

Make sure there are no local laws that could prevent you from planting a tree in your desired spot! This may be the case if the tree will be growing close to power cables, telephone lines or similar amenities.

5. Buy a tree!

Once all your preparation is complete, it’s time to buy a tree! Pick one that’s suitable for your climate and terrain and you’ll be good to go! You should also choose one that’s suited to being planted at your chosen time of year.

6. Prepare it for planting.

Make sure your tree is healthy and prepared for planting. Remove all packaging, keep plenty of dirt around the roots and try to avoid moving it as much as possible.

7. Dig a hole.

Now it’s time to dig your hole. It should be wide enough for the tree to slide into while also having room for its roots to grow.

8. Plant the tree!

Once the hole is prepared, simply place the tree in it and carefully fill in the surrounding soil.

9. Raise it well.

Once your tree is planted, you’ll need to take care of it as you raise it into the tree you hope to see. You should water the tree on a regular basis and ensure its roots are becoming established. You can also benefit from adding mulch to the soil to lock in moisture and prevent weeds from growing.

The result? A healthy tree that looks great in your garden – all while helping the environment too!

Will you be putting these steps into action and planting your own tree? We can’t wait to hear all about your plans, so go ahead and share them in the comments!

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