Gift a Tree- Give the Gift that Fights Climate Change

There was a time when people looked at the word ‘climate change’ furiously. Today, climate change is the reality of our lives. No one can deny the harsh and deadly impact of climate change on the planet earth.

From the United Nations to international NGOs and from Indian government to social activists, everyone is trying their best to minimize the impacts of climate change. They are also finding new innovative ways to reduce the carbon emissions from the atmosphere. On the technological front, the advanced technologies are marking their ways to support the efforts of controlling green house gases that are considered the most dangerous to humanity.

How are you contributing to save our mother earth then?

The earth is our mother. And what it has given us is simply hard to express in words. Nevertheless, climate change is our dangerous gift to mother earth.

How would our next generations forgive us for our helplessness to save the planet earth? 

We know, you would not wish to get blamed by your children for not doing anything to save the mother earth. There are many ways in which you can do your bit to fight against the climate change threats. You might be a working professional or a corporate organization who wishes to support the climate change tackling efforts, but do not know how to give your helping hands. We at Nelda Foundation give you a space to contribute in saving the mother earth.

Nelda Foundation

Nelda Foundation is a tree plantation NGO in Pune. It understands that working for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. You cannot talk yourself out of this. Our community and environment have done so much for us and it is now our turn to return the favour. We had launched project Nelda in 2016 with a plan to help people plant and grow a billion trees by 2041. And we know that we can’t do it alone. It is going to take all the citizens of this great country called India to come together and be the change.

How you can do your bit to save the earth? Here’s what you can do together with Nelda.

1. Tree Plantation Services

If you’ve always wanted to contribute to the greener efforts and help make our planet better, then you’re not alone.

When you think of planting a tree, you might be thinking of getting those small saplings you find at your nearby nursery and then planting them at a convenient location. That’s not how it works. Just planting a tree is just 1% of the job. You have to make sure it survives and becomes a fully grown tree. But how do you do that? With the help of tree plantation services.

Tree plantation services like Nelda help you analyse the current situation including the terrain on which you want to plan trees, the best saplings that can fit in your budget, the process to conduct a plantation drive and even the aftercare guidelines. One doesn’t just have to plant a tree, but they have to grow it as well.

In India, and specifically in Pune, there’s a need of planting native trees like Neem, Banyan, etc. Tree plantation services can help you identify the right trees to plant that can really help the biodiversity around the area as well.

If you are just an individual wanting to plant a few saplings, tree plantation services can help. Even if you are a corporate looking to plant hundreds of trees, then talking to a tree plantation NGO like Nelda is highly recommended.

If you wish to talk to us about our tree plantation services, please don’t hesitate to call us right away using our contact number. We’re located in Pune and ready to help whenever you are ready.

2. Online Tree Plantation Services

Wanting to participate in tree plantation activities, but not being able to manage due to some unavoidable circumstances?

We know how it feels!

We’ve all been there. Even before we started Nelda, we were also at your position. Then we realised that there is a simpler way of contributing to the greener efforts- online tree plantation.

Online tree plantation services like Nelda help you sponsor saplings at various places which will be planted on your behalf. You will not need to be physically present to plant the trees. They will be planted by the volunteers of the Nelda Foundation. Even if you want the saplings to be planted in the memory of someone, Nelda can help you do that. Right from planting a single tree on your behalf to conducting large tree plantation drives for corporates, our online tree plantation services can help you achieve your goal.

How you can avail Nelda’s online tree plantation service?

  1. You call us on our phone number listed on the website.
  2. We discuss with you all the available options regarding online tree plantation.
  3. You take a decision according to your budget and timeline.
  4. We plant the saplings on your behalf.

Many companies and families have been a part of our tree plantation drives in Pune. Now we want to help you too.

At Nelda, we’re eagerly waiting for your call for online tree plantation services. Please take a minute of your time to talk to our team regarding the possible options. We’ll be happy to help you every way we can.

3. Donate a Tree Service

Tree donation services like Nelda work as the connecting point between the nature and the individuals and corporates who want to contribute to the nature. When you donate a tree with Nelda, you’re actually helping make our earth greener and supporting the volunteers who are working for such causes. All while not disturbing your schedule or leaving your home. Though we don’t recommend everyone to just donate a tree instead of working personally, but it’s the least you can do.

How you can donate a tree to Nelda? 

  1. You call us on the phone number listed on our website.
  2. We discuss with you the various tree plantation options available in and around Pune.
  3. You specify your budget and other wishes you have about donating trees.
  4. You donate a tree with Nelda.

It’s not really expensive to donate a tree. With just Rs. 500, you can donate a tree and make a difference. So ask yourself- is it too much to ask? Can’t you simply skip just one regular hotel dinner to plant a tree? I think you’ve got your answer.

Please call our team today to get started on your wish of donating a tree. We can communicate in Marathi, Hindi and English.

Final Thoughts

So, which gifts are you going to give? If you gift a tree, you gift a life.

Whatever it may be, contributing on your way is what finally counts. We hope, you’ll take your share of saving the mother earth from the deadest effects of man made climate change.

If you want to get started with us now, simply call us on +919823348087 to get started! #iamNelda

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