How Do Plants Help To Reduce Environmental Pollution?

In the current climate, we are constantly bombarded by all sides about pollution reducing, our environmental impact and protecting our environment. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to start! In addition to our regular duties of reducing recycling and recycling, did you think of planting trees? We plant trees primarily for their beauty and to provide shade, but by planting and caring for trees, you help to improve your environment, reduce pollution, lower energy costs. How? They reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, increase oxygen and help to remove toxins. Not only do they provide nutrients for the entire food chain as well as the earth itself, but they are a safe and effective solution to some of our biggest environmental problems, enhancing both the outdoor and indoor environments.

Relying on the role of trees in cities is vital not only for air quality at the local level but also in order to reduce pollutants. Trees can clean the air and remove toxic airborne particles and gaseous pollutants. Toxins such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia and sulphur dioxide from their leaves, bark and roots. It improves the quality of the air in the micro climate around the trees and leads overall to a safer and cleaner environment overall. Trees are also soaking up toxic carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. For one year, an acre of mature trees consumes the same amount of carbon monoxide emitted by a 26,000-mile car journey! Apart from cleaning the air for us, trees provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe.

Since excess gasses are produced by large-scale industrial processes, the energy from the sun’s rays is absorbed in the Earth’s atmosphere as the’ greenhouse effect and contributes to the overall rise in Earth’s temperature. It doesn’t sound like much, but an average global warming of even 1.5 degrees can lead to accelerated ice cap melting, severe drought, and sea-level rise. Trees planted in an urban environment can not only mitigate the warming impact of concrete and buildings on the atmosphere, they have also been shown to clean the air of pollutants and particulates generated by traffic that are harmful to us. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees are able to absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and reduce the ‘greenhouse effect’, creating a less polluted, more sustainable world for our future generations. Woodlands has proven to be an incredible asset when it comes to improving air quality and reducing hazardous toxins in the environment. That’s why we should try our best to ensure that our most important forests, such as the rainforests, are not lost to deforestation. Many parts of the rainforest are being sold to the highest bidder, their beautiful trees being destroyed to make way for areas to graze cattle or to grow unsustainable palm. so, Try to plant a tree in your backyard, Build on the foliage that is already there, and set a goal to increase it every year. It’s incredible how plants help us reduce pollution, enhance our climate, and make the world a little more beautiful for everyone.

The message that we want you to take away from this is clear – to appreciate your trees! Plant them, gift them back, and secure them. Let’s try to get as many trees out there as possible!

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