How We Can Create Sustainable Development For Pune

The concept of sustainable development has many different dimensions, but the core of this concept is the development which balances economic growth with environmental, socio-economic needs, wellbeing and cultural integrity. At the beginning of 20th century, industrial growth was the prime benchmark of development; other elements were secondary. However, in the recent years, the side effects of this one-sided approach have become evident, and people are now turning towards a more holistic approach towards development.

Today, we can see an emerging trend of sustainable development not just in the nonprofit sector but also in the huge industrial zones and even at the country level. Sustainability is no more a concept or a thought; it is a way of living which several NGOs and think tanks are trying to imbibe on the citizens.

So, what is sustainable living? 

Sustainable living involves a lifestyle that has a little positive impact on the environment. Sustainable living attempts to reduce environmental harm and promote happy, healthy, and integrated livelihood of all.

It is our responsibility to make the world beautiful for generations to come; this is the reason why every nation, city, village, and every household should promote sustainability. We can say we are developed when we develop sustainably!

We believe that significant changes happen from small things. So before thinking about how India can develop sustainably, here we have some ideas through which our city; Pune can develop sustainably.

We should reduce the traffic and pollution.

Pollution is a grave problem in Pune. The city roads are crammed with vehicles, and hazy air all around. The mounting amount of pollution is not just harmful to the citizens but is also undoubtedly hazardous for the entire environment of the city. For lessening this, we can take a few small yet significant steps:

  • Bicycling, walking, or using public transport are the best ways to commute sustainably.
  • Driving slower, switching off the cars/bikes at red lights can help you save petrol/diesel and reduce pollution.

We should use organic products in our daily lives.

Say no to the chemical products and bring home the eco-friendly alternatives. Nowadays, the market is full of eco-friendly products, so there is a variety available for making a choice. Right from the organic chemical free food & skin and home care products like soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, kitchenware, furnishing, decor to toiletries and disposables, everything has an eco-friendly alternative; opt for them and go green!

We should conserve water.

An estimated 50% of household water in Pune goes into the drainage. This is a high time when we start conserving the most crucial element; water. Water wastage and the shortage is the issue which is widely spoken and written about. Now is the time that people in the Pune city should collectively try and act towards water conservation in residential and industrial areas. This is a massive step towards sustainable development.

We should reduce our wastage.

Reducing wastage is the best way towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle. We should reduce the wastage of food, avoid filling the trash with plastic, and non-degradable products and try to take collective steps for recycling the garbage. Several societies in Pune have brought this thought into reality.

We should grow more and more trees.

Trees are the source of life. Chopping them off is like inviting a hazard. In Pune, there are several big and small open spaces, roadways, small hills for planting trees. By plating more trees, we will make our city look more beautiful and ensure that it moves towards sustainable development.

We at Nelda, have taken a step towards this. With our plantation site at Hanuman Tekdi we’re managing hundreds of trees and plant and grow more this year too. You can support us either by shopping from our storedonating to us or joining us for volunteering!

Other than the above ways, there are several other ways of sustainable development like using renewable sources of energy for power generation, recycling most of the products we use and many more. Share your views and ideas regarding this in comments; we will love to hear and connect with you!

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