Kids Are Our Future: Here’s How To Get Them Excited About Sustainable Living

We all know and understand the importance of green, sustainable living. But what about our kids? To ensure a greener future in India and all around the world, it’s important to teach future generations the value of living responsibly and raise them with respect for the world around them.

After all, Earth is our home – shouldn’t we all be taking care of it?

Here are five ways to get your kids excited about sustainable living and creating a greener world to live in.

1. Set a good example.

Kids, young kids especially, often learn by imitation. They begin to copy what they see their elders doing, which can be said for better or worse.

If you’re a responsible eco-warrior with love for all things green, you’re already setting a great example for your kids to follow. They’ll get to understand why you do the things you do and how they can benefit the world around us. And by doing so, they’ll likely soon start to want to take part themselves!

2. Make it fun and interesting.

Kids are prone to boredom and may lose interest fast if a topic isn’t entertaining enough. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to make sustainable living fun and interesting to grab their attention.

One of the most obvious ways is to include animals. Kids love animals –  in their storybooks, on TV, in the wild, the pets in your home and incredible exotic species at the zoo.

So with so much love for their animal friends, kids are bound to get excited when learning about how animals and their habitats are dependent on the way we treat Planet Earth.

3. Get them involved with your green activities.

From cleaning with eco-friendly products to organising the recycling in your home, getting your kids involved is a great way to teach them the benefits of going green.

As they help you with the housework (or perhaps simply watch in many cases), talk out loud about what you’re using or doing and why it matters. Let them ask questions and encourage them to join in.

4. Choose stories and programs with a green focus.

You may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of storybooks and TV programs aimed at getting kids into recycling, growing fruits and vegetables, protecting the forests and tonnes of other eco causes.

These can be excellent learning resources for kids as they take in what they see and hear, so ensure they’re learning great lessons that promote sustainability and good, healthy living.

5. Encourage them to volunteer.

It’s easy to find a volunteer program to take part in – or alternatively, create a task yourself! From litter picking to planting trees, there are all sorts of activities that can be done to make the world a better, greener place.

These are just a few simple ways to encourage your kids to live a greener lifestyle as they grow, but don’t stop there! Explore your own ideas and come up with techniques you know your kids will respond well to and enjoy!

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