Nelda Is Changing: We’re Becoming A Registered Non Profit! Here’s What You Can Expect To See

It has been some time, fellas.
Since 26th June, 2016, when Rohan Agawane Sagar Bhagirath Shivam Ghule and Vedarth Deshpande founded Nelda, we’ve been working continuously, not only for the goal of a billion trees, but for getting the society together also. We have been doing it and will keep going it, no matter what.
That’s what the essence of Nelda and Deshpee Group is, after all. We will do it, because we can and because we should.

In case you’re not up to date on the latest goings on here at Nelda, it’s time we let you know that Nelda is changing – and you may have already spotted some of these changes around our site.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the latest additions that you can now enjoy as a Nelda supporter, so read on to find out more!

Meet Nelda v.2. But why is it a new version?

At Nelda, we’ve been describing our new launch as Nelda v.2., as Nelda is now officially registered as a non-profit company!

This has been a big change for us in the best way, and we look forward to the new and exciting features it will bring. Here’s what you can expect to see!

We’ll be accepting donations.

One of the biggest aspects of this change is that we’ll now be accepting donations. This means you can easily send funds to us and help to make a difference to our environment.

Our first cash donation was given to us by Mr. Pranav Kayande of MM’s IMERT. This generous donation totalled Rs. 5,000 and we’re so grateful to have received it towards the cause. As more people donate, we’ll have more funds available to take more action, host social events to build awareness and of course continue to plant trees until we get to our goal.

If you’re passionate about Project Nelda, and the work we do to create a greener India, all donations are appreciated – no matter how big or small. If you’re planning on donating to the cause, we thank you in advance!

You can now buy items from the Nelda Store to support us and the seller organisations.

In addition to donating, you can also purchase from the Nelda Store to help support us. You can currently buy shirts featuring the Nelda logo, so you can represent the project and spread awareness wherever you go.

One hundred percent of the profits from the Nelda Store sales will be used for charity purposes. So by purchasing our cool new products, you’ll be doing a good deed too!

You’ll be able to get involved with Project Nelda online and share your thoughts.

We’re also introducing Nelda Discussions, a new feature that allows people from all areas of society to come together and discuss India’s environmental issues within the Nelda website. Here, you can share your thoughts on these topics, as well as get involved with events and activities.

We hope you’re excited to learn more about Nelda v.2. and enjoy our latest features, whether you’re donating, volunteering or just staying up to date on our progress – thank you for being here to watch Nelda grow.

We are now one year old!

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