One Billion Trees: What Will The Plantation Programme Do For Us?

If you’re reading this – congratulations! You’ve taken your first step to a greener future by taking an interest in the Project Nelda initiative. Nice work!

You may already be taking steps to live green, but why not take a moment to learn more about our plans and how they will benefit people across India?

What is Project Nelda’s goal?
Essentially, Project Nelda’s primary goal is to plant and grow one billion trees in India over the next 25 years. But one organisation cannot achieve that alone!

This is why it’s important to spread the word on plantation and its benefits in order to persuade more people across India (and beyond) to put their time and resources to good use, live a greener lifestyle and participate in the Nelda intitiative.

So how is planting one billion trees going to help?

The more trees we plant, the more we will begin to notice drastic improvements to our surrounding environment. You’ll find a vast wealth of benefits to doing so, but here are just a few to consider:

Helping the Earth

When considering the ways planting trees can help the earth, the possibilities are endless!

  • Cleaner air – trees produce an abundance of oxygen for other living things.
  • Cleaner water – trees naturally filter rainwater, protecting our rivers and lakes.
  • Reduced temperatures – trees offer protection from the sun in hot areas, keeping the temperature balanced.
  • Flood control – trees can hold water and prevent it from streaming downwards into towns or villages.
  • Safe habitats for wildlife – trees provide a safe haven for free roaming animals and even plants!

Helping each other

But it’s not just the Earth that will benefit from the plantation. Humans can also live better lifestyles through the benefits of trees!

  • More trees will mean even more jobs, providing a boost to the Indian economy. More trees will require more maintenance, staffing of parks or protected land, administrative workers and more.
  • It’s been suggested that locations with more trees can reduce crime rates in the area. This may be due to the calming nature of the outdoors combined with the trees’ natural green colour, as well as encouraging more people to get outside and do good in their community.
  • Taking a walk amongst trees and nature can improve your mental health. Getting some fresh air and staying in tune with nature can encourage better cognitive function and a more positive approach to life.
  • An abundance of trees can also improve property values in the area as people are naturally drawn to areas with plenty of greenery.

When does Project Nelda begin?

Project Nelda is set to start operations in July 2016. To keep up with Nelda’s latest news, projects and progress, don’t forget to check us out on social media!?

Or stay up to date right here on our blog! Check back soon for new blog posts or updates.

Whether you’re joining us for the long haul or just curious about going green, you’re always welcome to stop by. Join us anytime! #iamNelda

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