The Benefits of Fresh Air: Why We Need Oxygen for More Than Just Living

The Benefits of Fresh Air: Why We Need Oxygen for More Than Just Living

You more than likely already know and understand the fact that the human body needs oxygen to survive. But aside from keeping us alive, what else is it good for?

There are plenty of ways oxygen can have a positive impact on the body, so read on to discover six of them!

1. Getting outside more will keep your lungs clean and healthy.

When you’re breathing fresh air, your lungs are able to dilate to their optimum potential as their airways are open to the air provided.

This encourages better cleansing inside the lungs and ensures that toxins are expelled from your body as you breathe out.

2. You’ll also be improving your blood pressure and heart rate.

High blood pressure is a very common problem and can have dangerous side effects. Thankfully, in many cases, it can be easily managed with a few easy lifestyle changes.

Polluted areas and a dirty environment can force your body to work harder than it needs to, just to get the right amount of oxygen.

But when breathing fresh, clean air, your body can relax and breathe easily – with no exertion necessary.

3. Your digestive system will experience a boost.

A good oxygen intake can help you to digest the food you eat more effectively. One way to ensure your body can benefit from fresh air is to enjoy a short walk outside after each meal.

Plus, if you’re looking to lose weight or simply stay more active, this strategy can help with that too!

4. Your body will find it easier to fight off illnesses.

If you’re getting sick a lot, you may be considering ways to boost your immune system, and that could be just as simple as getting some fresh air!

As you breathe more oxygen, your white blood cells will work harder to fight off germs and bacteria in the body, making you less likely to come down with a disease or illness

5. You’ll feel energised and focused.

Spending some time outside can help your mind readjust and improve your focus, which is one reason many people choose to take a walk during their lunch breaks at work.

It also increases your energy level, giving your body more of a boost to power through the day.

6. Fresh air really can make you happier.

Breathing in lots of fresh air will encourage your body to naturally produce more serotonin. This is the chemical that lightens the mood, keeps you relaxed and leads to feelings of happiness.

You’ll find that soon after your walk – or even during it – you feel happier and more refreshed.

So although fresh air is vital to our health in that it keep us alive, it’s also essential for keeping your body and mind happy and healthy.

What are your favourite ways to get outside? From sports to travel, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Share your ideas in the comments below!

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