What Is Nelda Treks For A Cause?

Nelda; is a synonym of companionship, co-operation and collective efforts for the environmental well-being. For almost three years, Nelda Foundation has been working for ecological restoration through tree plantation and maintenance. We have vowed to help plant and maintain about a billion trees in 25 years in Pune and all-around India. Indeed we cannot do it all by ourselves!

To achieve this massive goal, we need more helping hands, and inspired minds to join our mission. Through every activity of ours, we try to induce our motto in as many minds as we can. Also, we try to reach out to youngsters in colleges and address them to join hands with us for a noble cause.
In order to take these mobilisations to the next level, we have innovated a concept; Trek for a Cause!

Our motto behind the concept is threefold.

  • Firstly, treks are a fun way to explore the surroundings, appreciate the natural beauty and unwind with like-minded people.
  • Secondly, treks on historical forts and monuments help you to get acquainted with the history of the land to which we belong.
  • And thirdly, it is a great way to carry out a collective activity for a particular cause. We have chosen the cause of cleanliness as the driving motivation behind our treks.

Until now, Nelda has organized 4 treks for a cause at 4 different locations like RajgadRaigadLohgad, and Andharban. We, along with 15-20 trekkers, venture on an exciting voyage with lots of passion and integration. After reaching the amazing locations, we try to explore the places to the fullest and get to know more about the glorious history of the sacred forts. Thereafter, we get down to work and immerse ourselves in the task of cleaning the fort and its surroundings.

We, with our fellow companions, clean the plastic waste from as many corners as possible and make sure that the fort is litter-free. Not only this, but we also encourage other fellow trekkers to contribute to our cause. Not everyone, but some willingly lend a hand for this eminent cause. These treks are guided by two-three leaders who help the trekkers to understand the cause in the right manner and also understand the history of the place which we visit.

During these treks, we have noticed an immense need of cleanliness not only on the forts but also in their surroundings. This is the reason why we are keen on planning more and more treks to serve the cause of cleanliness and environmental restoration. If you too are interested in participating in this fun trail for a much eminent cause, then call us now to get started!

Also, keep reading our blogs for some interesting insights regarding environmental issues and to know how you can contribute to the overall environmental well being. See you in the comments below!

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