Why Every Day Should be a Tree Plantation Day – Importance of Planting Trees

Tree Plantation

When you plant a tree, you don’t just plant a sapling but hope. We have learned it the hard way that trees are extremely important for our survival. We first resorted to deforestation and made space for more buildings on earth. Later, when we saw the environment getting seriously affected, we were introduced to something called “afforestation”, a simple process of planting more trees for a better future.

Trees are essentially the livestock of humankind and other living organisms. They have unconditionally provided us with food, oxygen, and many other necessities for human sustainability, such as shelter, medicines, tools, and many more. With such rich values and importance, trees still do not get treated properly. They are cut down, eliminating any kind of life around the area.

However, with each passing day, the relevance and importance of planting trees have only increased. It has to be a combined mission of all mankind to plant more trees in order to save our ailing planet.

Thus, we have our global Tree Plantation Day which is celebrated on 21st March all over the world. The aim behind observing the said day is to make people aware of the importance of planting trees and help them realize the same. A common practice during tree plantation day is to plant saplings in order to invest in the future.

But why only plant trees when the day says so, every day is tree plantation day and we must work towards building a secure future for other generations to come. We should not be restricted by the standard norms of society and rise above ourselves and our nature before our selfish needs. If you don’t save trees, in return your atmosphere will have less oxygen and the primary source of livestock and food will be eliminated from the earth.

To understand the great importance of planting trees, here are some reasons why we must celebrate tree plantation day every day!

Importance of Planting Trees

Since the very beginning trees have given us the gift of life’s essentials, such as food and oxygen. Many generations passed and we discovered other many uses of trees and exploited them for our survival. They are so rich in value and significance that their uses have only increased as to satisfy the needs created by our modern lifestyles. To begin with, the wood from the trees was used as fuel and the fruits were consumed by humans. The shade was used to escape heat and fire to escape in cold.

As we evolved and started having modern problems, trees yet remained the same but cater to our modern problems as well. Trees can cut down on energy and conserve a lot of electricity if planted in the right place and they provide you with the richest oxygen available in the atmosphere. However, we overlook these benefits and take trees for granted. We cut the very trees that give us so much to live with and then mull over the fact that nature is being unfair. Well, we need to respect Mother Nature and value the great advantages that trees bless us with every day.

A tree, in its entirety has the ability to contribute each of its parts to sustain life. From its leaves to the roots and its bark, every part of a tree has something to offer and has profound value. To make you well-equipped with the benefits, here is a breakdown of the categories of perks that trees provide us, free of cost!

1. Ecological and Environmental Significance

Trees greatly contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, supporting wildlife, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and climate amelioration. By only performing its primary function of photosynthesis, it contributes more than it takes. Trees take in the carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen for living, breathing organisms around it. A study suggests that an acre of forest can produce up to 4 tons of oxygen by absorbing 6 tons of carbon dioxide that can cater to around 20 people for a year.

Not only trees but shrubs and turf also have their own role to play on this process. They purify the air by absorbing the pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Once they have come in contact with the trees, the pouring rain washes all the pollutants away. Through this process, the air in the atmosphere is regulated and maintained, all thanks to the trees. Climate change and control are also one of the essential functions of trees. The moderate the effects of sun, rain, and wind in order to keep the climate in control. The beaming energy of the sun is absorbed and filtered by the leaves that help to keep a cool temperature around it.

The most important function that they perform keeps greenhouse gases at bay is how trees can lower the air temperature, maintain low levels of carbon dioxide, and thereby reducing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Apart from that, they also conserve the warmth by acting as a shield to harsh winds, heavy rain, sleet, and hail. Therefore, trees can manage and influence wind speed and direction in order to maintain a balanced atmosphere.

Be it above the surface or below, trees have a pivotal role to play in the ecosystems in which they live. The far-reaching roots of the trees help the soil to be in place and counter erosion. Trees are the reason, soil erosion is not a common phenomenon. They absorb the rainwater and store it that reduces runoff and sediment deposits after heavy storms.

The herbivorous organisms only thrive on leaves and fruits provided by the trees. Many animals such as elephants, koalas, and giraffes consume leaves for nourishment. Monkeys go in for the flowers and the sweet nectar is for the birds, bats, and other insects. Like us, the fruits are consumed by the animals too which leads to another process wherein seeds are dispersed over long distances.

Many animals, birds, and squirrels reside in them and are happy to dwell in the leaves-covered trees to stay away from predators. Trees are an important facet of our ecology and have a place for every living creature in the world. Trees are also home to many animals that live in them happily.

2. Social and Community Value

Trees play an essential part of every community and one must make huge efforts to maintain it that way. You might have observed that your streets, parks, playgrounds, and backyards are lined up with trees due to their medicinal and life-giving properties. Human settlements are incomplete without trees as they create a peaceful and calming environment. The quality of your life can be determined by the number of trees around them.

Trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitats into the urban settlements and make them worth living. The shade provided by trees during the day is used by all of us for family picnics and afternoon outdoor activities. The presence of trees in a community can definitely elevate the importance of planting trees and the quality of life. Many old trees stand strong as the community’s pride and serve as historic landmarks. The commercial buildings and pavements cause heat island effects on the atmosphere and the presence of trees can deflect the sunlight and reduce the heat island effect to a great extent.

Therefore, it is extremely pivotal to grasp the value of planting trees and contribute to the society you live in. There have been many instances, wherein trees are cut brutally to the ground to make space for more buildings. But we need to understand that without trees, no settlement will be self-sufficient and shall decay with the course of time. What sense does it make to grow them and cut them down to build a life? It is like cutting down the oxygen to save a dying patient. More and more people need to understand the importance of planting trees and join as one to fight against cruel deforestation procedures.

3. Personal and Spiritual Value

Trees play a very personal and important part of our lives. There are many reasons why we love trees and planting trees but the most important reason is that trees provide us with two of life’s most essentials, food, and oxygen. Trees are both ravishing and majestic to look at. Different species of trees have varied appearances with respect to their shapes, forms, textures, and vibrant enchanting colors.

Individual trees change their appearance as the seasons come and go. Trees have so many good qualities in them which makes them nature’s most useful gift but their best quality is their ability to provide oxygen that is very essential for human survival. Some of the advantages of planting trees are that they provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals. People must understand the importance of planting trees and how it helps our environment in so many ways. Trees are often associated with feeling pleasant, calm, and relaxed.

Planting trees can also help people become better versions of themselves as it would not only make them feel accomplished but also would be helping to protect our environment.

Trees play a major role in developing one’s childhood and record the history of the family as they grow and develop beside you and your family. People emotionally connect with the trees that they plant and instantly create a bond with them. We get personally attached to the trees that we like and see every day. Because of these strong bonds that we have with trees, there are multiple groups and organizations across the world that solely deal with protecting and saving large and historic trees from the risks of our modern developments.

Trees in certain countries also have spiritual and religious value as they consider trees next to god and also worship them on certain occasions. Therefore it can now be understood that trees play a vital role in shaping our environment and also how important it is to plant trees as every day should tree plantation day. Trees have so many sentimental values that are immeasurable in every way.

4. Practical and Commercial Value

Trees have always been the reason for the subsistence of life on earth. Throughout our existence, trees have given us more than just life but also the means to sustain it. Another reason why every day should be tree plantation day is that they have practical and commercial uses too. Wood procured from the trees were among the first fuel discovered by humans and is still widely used by many people for cooking and heating. It is an ancient practice that still holds ground.

Apart from that, trees provide timber that can be used for the construction of buildings, manufacturing furniture, tools, equipment for sports, and many other household items that you use on a day to day basis.

And let us not forget about the sweet fruits that trees provide, for personal consumption and commercial usage. Apples, oranges, mangoes, many other fruits and nut that trees provide us is not only tasty but is a gift given by the mighty trees to us. Every part of a tree can be used for many things, such as the bark of certain kind of trees can be made into a cork and is a great source of chemicals and medicines.

You might be familiar with quinine and aspirin, these are common drugs that are made out of tree bark extracts. Further, the inner part of the bark is said to contain latex, which happens to be the main ingredient for making rubber. All in all, trees have a great commercial value and we use to exploit it to an extent where they lose their natural freshness. Due to commercialization, trees are fed fertilizers to produce more which results in their decaying.

How can we harm them when they give us life? This is why it is vital to understand the importance of planting trees and make sure more trees are planted. Trees perform photosynthesis and are a living organism as well, hurting them or cutting them down for selfish human reasons has to stop and we need to act on it as if every day is tree plantation day.

5. Property Value and Economic Value

Trees, individually have a great value and contribute to savings as well but a collection of trees that is well- maintained can make a real economic impact. The most direct way in which trees help economically is through cutting energy costs. A house that is well shaded by trees will have low cooling costs than any other house.

Similarly, by acting as a windbreak, heating costs can also be lowered with the help of trees, preferably deciduous trees that can allow the sun to pass through and keep your house warm. Proper placement of trees around your house can keep your space cool in the summers and warm in the winters while helping you save up to 20- 50 % on energy. Trees also increase the value of any property.

A well-designed house with pre-placed trees will have greater monetary worth than a house with no trees. The value of a well-landscaped home with mature healthy trees can be as much as 10% higher than a similar home with no or little landscaping.

Apart from these, there are also some indirect economic advantages of trees. If you preserve your energy usage, then utility companies will have less demand placed on the infrastructure. This in turn will reduce the operating costs that will be passed on to the consumer. Overall, economically, trees save a lot of money and effort if you value their significance in your living.

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